Friday, December 21, 2012

Simple Upholstered Headboard

         It has been nearly a year since I have posted, and needless to say a lot has happened during that time. I finished nursing school, passed my boards and got my dream job in Gainesville. I feel so blessed to be near Beau and my family again. 

My year of accelerated nursing at UNF didn't leave much time for cooking or crafting, but I did manage to squeeze in a couple of projects. My plan is to catch up with posts over the next couple of days in order to start blogging in real time for the new year... that's the plan, anyway :) 

One of my first Jacksonville projects was a basic upholstered headboard. I left my bedroom set behind when I moved and wanted something to "dress up" my mattress on the floor.

Cost: about $12 
Time: about 1 hour 

Lightweight wood for the frame 
Ground cloth (for frame stability- screen material would also work) 
Quilt batting 
Spray adhesive 
Upholstery fabric 
Upholstery staple gun w/staples 
Frame hanging hardware 
Measuring tape/ruler 
Upholstery pins 

I made my frame 36 inches high and 60 inches long to align evenly with a queen-sized bed. I first upholstered the frame with ground cloth to provide stability and give a base for the batting and fabric. Although a wood back would be more sturdy, it would also be much heavier and require a more elaborate hanging system.


Cut a piece of quilt batting (I had some leftover from a quilt project- you can leave it out, but I like the look of a little loft under the upholstery) and attach it to the ground cloth with spray adhesive.

Cut your upholstery fabric to size. Position beneath the frame and upholster in place.

Nail in some upholstery pins around the border. I found these pretty etched silver ones at Jo-Anne's Fabric Store.


Attach hanging hardware on either side of the frame.


Fancy. Hang above the bed and enjoy!


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