Friday, June 17, 2011

Surgical Stomach Cake

I don't really know what to say about this cake. Perhaps nursing school has altered the natural line between "graphic" and "food." Proceed with caution.

This is baking, Dexter-style.

I made homemade fondant using a marshmallow base. I didn't use an exact recipe, but instead went by consistency. I used marshmallows, vanilla extract, Grand Marnier, vegetable shortening and powdered sugar. If you color the fondant I recommend adding the coloring before the powdered sugar; it mixes more evenly and avoids scary rainbow hands.

I didn't have time to photograph step-by-step, but I made a basic yellow sheet cake, covered the top with fresh strawberries and poured tinted cream-cheese frosting over the top. The color is meant to represent a surgical drape :)

I filled the fondant stomach with macerated strawberries... Creepy.

I brushed the scalpels with extra silver dust to create a glisten.

Now we get creative.
Channel your inner psychopath.

I know.

I'm sorry.

I may have gotten a bit carried away with this project.

I created a laceration to release gastric/strawberry goodness.

Anyone hungry?